• Bürgi Prize; this prize honors a young scientist for an excellent PhD thesis work with pharmacological content. The prize is donated by the Institute of Pharmacology, University of Bern. For further information, please contact Prof. Simon.

Bürgi Prize 2016 winner: Anna Rickli, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University Basel

  • Novartis Institutes of BioMedical Research (NIBR) Prizes awarded during the SSPT Spring Meeting 2016 in Bern:

    Best poster presentation:

    Ismail HM, Dorchies OM, Slade A, Porte-Thomé F and Scapozza L. Pharmaceutical Biochemistry, University Geneva. "Rimeporide restores restin pH and decreases store operated calcium entry in dystrophic myotubes by inhibiting sodium hydrogen exchanger type 1 (NHE-1)".


    Best ‘Young Society Member’ oral presentation:

    Fabiola Cortinas-Elizondo, Kayluz Frias, Dagmar Simon, Hans-Uwe Simon and Stephan von Gunten. Institute of Pharmacology, University Bern: “Innate immune system crosstalk: Eosinophils mediate immune modulation of dendritic cells through exosomes as shuttle vectors”


    Congratulations to the winners !